Special offer – Spring flowers planting is coming!

Although Spring is far away it is time to start thinking of your Spring flowers as time to plant them begins soon (Oct-Nov).

To help you with that I’ve prepared a special offer.

I’ve selected a good quality bulbs that will present best in your garden:

  • Bluebell – 50 for £10.00
  • Crocus – 80 for £7.00
  • Daffodil – 70 for £20.00
  • Hyacinth – 20 for £15.00
  • Iris – 75 for £10.00
  • Ornamental onion (Allium) – 20 for £10.00
  • Snowdrop – 45 for £7.00
  • Tulip – 50 for £20.00

Snowdrops are first sign of spring and nectar source for bees. Bluebells are best placed under deciduous trees. Crocuses look beautiful on your lawn. Daffodils add bright sunshine yellow to your borders. Hiacinths blue heads spread beautiful fragrance. Irises tall and magnificent will brighten late spring. Tulips in all rainbow colours are the essential addition to your garden.

You can mix and match any combination but only the multiples of the sets given. If you’re not sure what flowers suits you best or what quantities you need I’m happy to advise in this matter.

The price for the planting will be £10.00 for each 50 bulbs. The minimum order must be £30.00 (150 bulbs) for planting.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: To get a 30% (up to £20.00) off your planting cost leave me a (reasonably positive) review on Yell and I’ll send you a refund afterwards.

If you’re interested or want to know more details please contact me.


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