We believe in fair and straight price structure. Nothing is hidden and you know exactly what are you paying for.

Garden design

£400 flat fee for small and average garden up to 200 m2. Above that will be £50 more for every 50 m2.

This fee covers detailed measurements of your garden with all existing plants and structures, work to create a design and few amendments based on your input if necessary.

You will receive: digital and printed 2D design with positions of all new elements, list of new plantings & structures, budget, work schedule, all the receipts (if required)


For all the plants, materials and heavy equipment you will be invoiced separately for exactly how much we’ve paid.

You’ll know a very rough estimate before work commences. This may change +/- 50% once the design is completed and we know the exact number of plants and materials needed.

The more detailed budget will be created and subjected to your approval once design is accepted.

Typically for an average backyard the cost of plants and materials will be about £500.

Garden creation

£250 flat fee for a day of work of our team. Regardless of how many people will be needed.

We do work smart from dusk till dawn and can turn things around very quickly.

We’re equipped with all the necessary hand tools.

Typically for an average backyard we can transform your garden within 2 – 3 days.

Garden care plans

If you want to enjoy your garden without a hassle of all the hard work involved our garden care package is something for you:

  • Education: Free
  • Maintenance: £50 a month
  • Personal gardener: £100 a month
  • Garden grocery: £150 a month
  • Custom – agreed individually

Prices are valid for small and average garden up to 300 m2. For larger gardens fee will be agreed on case by case  basis. Pay for a year in advance and receive 10% discount.

If you’re interested please contact us.