Edible landscaping

We’ll design your garden to look beautiful, smell gorgeous and taste delicious. Will be full of colour, life and edible fruits and/or vegetables.

This covers detailed measurements of your garden with all existing plants and structures, work to create a design and few amendments based on your input if necessary.

You will receive: digital and printed 2D design with positions of all new elements, list of new plantings, structures, estimated budget and work schedule.

Garden creation

This covers all the work required to make the design a reality: weeding, planting, composting & mulching, erecting structures (borders, beds & trellises).

There is no need to micro-manage us. We always come prepared, with plan and motivation and equipped with all the necessary tools.

We do work smart from dusk till dawn and can turn things around very quickly.

Chemical free garden care

Check out our care plans.

Small constructions

We can build all the basic structure your garden needs: flower beds, vegetable raised beds, trellises

At the moment we don’t do any hardscaping, paving or anything that converts the live garden into a dead concrete.

Growing vegetables

If you would like to have some better than organic vegetables fresh from your garden we can help with that. With our Garden Grocery care plan you can sit and relax while we plant them in Spring, take full care with watering, weeding and finally harvesting.