Rosalie, Thermopylae Gate

I have met Lukasz twice and on the second occasion he mowed my lawn, swept the patio, cleaned the tank for my garden pond and cleaned my bird bath.

He was punctual on both occasions – something I really appreciate. His hourly rate is high, but he works hard and achieves a lot in the time.

My garden looked much better after the lawn was mowed and my bird bath has not been so clean since it was new many years ago! Birds and fish seemed content after his visit.

He is very flexible. Without prior experience he had no problem with cleaning my pond filters, following my instructions. Although it was full of sludge and worms he did not hesitate to use his bare hands. He definitely has no problem with ‘getting his hands dirty‘.

It is good to know that there is such a gardener locally and I look forward to his next visit.

– August 2015 –