Gardener on E14 Isle of Dogs

Garden in spring

If you are looking for someone local to design or maintain your garden your in the right place.

I live o the Isle of Dogs and focus only on the community here. I try to improve the green spaces in our are so we can all enjoy them.

I specialise in edible landscape design – which basically means planting lots of fruit trees, bushes, edible flowers, herbs and flowers. The plants not only look good but you can enjoy them by eating. I’m not the typical gardener as I try to be sustainable, ethical and nature friendly. I don’t use any chemicals.

I offer also a complete garden maintenance packages. They range from a very basic care like grass mowing to advanced like managing a vegetable garden.

To me honesty and transparency is crucial to establish a good relationship with a customer. That is why I show all my prices and don’t hide anything. My clients appreciate that and you can read there testimonials.

If you’re interested feel free to contact me for a chat or free quote.